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 In our time, people have become obsessed with electronic games and how they can building a Budget Gaming PC in 2024, and their immersion in this fantasy world has become more profound.When you create your own gaming device,it gives you a sense of achievement,as it is more saving than buying a new device.

 Basic Parts for Building Your Computer

   If you intend to building a Budget Gaming PC in 2024 , you should know the basic components you need to build your device 

  1. Graphic processing unit 
  2. Central process unit 
  3. Case 
  4. Storage 
  5. Power supply unit
  6.  Memory 
  7. Motherboard 
  8. Cooling system 

Efficient spare parts selection

Before you start making your computer,the efficiency of selected components must be ascertained to building a Budget Gaming PC in 2024,It must be of high quality 


  • So if you’re looking for the best PC, we’re talking about Angima computers that are made using the best devices.It helps the client in choosing the right central processing unit , graphic processing unit and helps you to find the right specifications for you. It also offers a one-year warranty on all its computer devices.
  •  If you are looking for the best PCDubai ,There is also a scratch company, so if you want to building a Budget Gaming PC in 2024 and enjoy a great experience with a fast and efficient device at gaming, you can use this company that is known for its efficiency and effectiveness and is the perfect choice for you.
  • Angina is an Emirati brand that sale best PCDubai dubai that works to reinvent how to play games,this company provides the best accessories and components for computer games,It works to make sure that each device is properly built and is based on the best components of the brands that we have as its source of trust.

How to build your own gaming computer ?


  • The first step to do is to create a clean workspace with good lighting and good  space and ensure the availability of all equipment.
  • Then unscrew the central handler alone and align it with the central handler socket alone on the motherboard and make sure to install it well.
  • Then we install the central processor cooler alone by placing a small quantity of heat paste and placing the central processor alone on top of it and you need to make sure the correct connection of its cooled spirit with the mother plate.

Things you should be careful to download

  • We have to install RAM and then install storage devices that are divided into a solid-state drive or hard drive that we can secure the drive with.
  • Then install the motherboard and be sure to install it well of course, we must first connect the psu power source in the custom area of the caddy and also connect the main power cable of the motherboard and of course the cable alone central processing and other cables.
  • Then we make sure to install the GPU, insert the customized graphics card into the PC Dubai slotAnd cable management so that its shape is good, elegant and orderlyAnd the last step is to try to find out if the device is going to operate or not.


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