Exploring the Identity V Eversleeping Town: Complete Guide


Eversleeping Town in Identity V is a large map that is derived from a Japanese town theme in the game. The Identity V Eversleeping Town map was introduced back in May 2019 and was a part of the Junji Collection Crossover Event. Later on, this map got an update in May 2020, which now includes Quick Matches, Rank Matches, Duo Hunters, and Custom Mode. So if you want to enjoy the content from previous updates all in one, then you can find an IDV account for sale from U7BUY to not miss out on anything from the previous versions.

By the way, you can get an instant IDV top up to gear up while exploring the Eversleeping Town. To give you a better tour of the Eversleeping Town Identity V, we have written this detailed guide in which we are going to explore its noticeable locations.


Identity V Eversleeping Town Locations

Here are the Identity V Eversleeping Town locations, which are the most prominent ones in the game to explore around. Here are the details of each location in the game.

The Graveyard

In the farthest corner of the map, you will find a small graveyard covered by a stone fence. This graveyard has a cipher machine commonly and has a line of pellets around the graves. There is also a small building standing in the middle of the graveyard, which you cannot enter.

IDV Town Streets

Near the Japanese Buildings, there are two center streets aligned and surrounded by the tram tracks. These streets separate from the graveyard. A small corner of the map at this location has several buildings beyond the tram tracks.

Identity V Waterfront

The waterfront is situated on the far-left side of the map, where the Shiromuku role is performed by Geisha. This area is surrounded by many lanterns and cherry trees. Geisha performs her entrance role by playing voice lines and shamisen plays. Waterfront is also one of the main spawn points for Hunter or Survivor.

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Second Story Buildings

Two of the buildings with overhangs are the distinctive ones among many buildings lining the streets. There is a staircase in both of these buildings that leads to the second floor, which is the upper story of the building. One of the buildings has a vaultable window and a pallet, along with a broken railing. The other building is located outside of the tracks in the corner of the map, which has a vaultable window, a broken floor, and a broken window.

IDV Exit Gates

One of the exit gates of IDV Eversleeping Town is next to the graveyard. The other ones can be at the opposite end of the map near the curves of the track. On the other side of the map, you will find the station gate and in-school gate before the exit gates.

Identity V Basement Locations

Besides the more visible areas, there are also some basement IDV locations in the game, which are discussed below.

In the Duo Hunters Mode (Normal Map):

  1. The first one is at the corner of the graveyard.
  2. Below the overhangs of the building connecting next to the exit gate.

Duo Hunters:

  1. Near the school hallway, right beyond the exit gate.
  2. In one of the corners of the graveyard.

All the locations mentioned in our Identity V Eversleeping Town guide are discreet yet explorable fun adventures for the players as hunters.


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